Products & Specification

a) High Security Anti-Climb Fence or Hi-SAC Fence
The main integral component of Hi-SAC Fencing Systems is the High Security Anti-Climb or Hi-SAC welded wiremesh. This specially designed wiremesh serves as an effective anti-climb physical security perimeter barrier to provide necessary MAXIMUM DELAY FACTOR.

  The main properties and features are :  
  Anti-Climb Feature
  High Structural Strength
  Resistant To Cutting by Handtools
  Maintenance Free
  High Visibility


It is widely used around the world for following facilities that require MAXIMUM DEGREE OF SECURITY.

  Aerospace Industries
  Nuclear Installations
  Government Projects
  Utility Substations
  Water Treatment Plants
  Auto & Storage Facilities
  Border Fencing
  Specification of Hi-SAC Mesh  
  Standard Mesh Aperture 75 mm x 12.5 mm
  Wire Diameter 4 mm
  Wire Tensile Strength 450 N/mm2 (minimum)
  Weld Shear Strength 350 N/mm2 (minimum)
  Standard Panel Size 5200 mm x 2400 mm
  Galvanising Standard BS 729

b) Other Products

KARIB can design and manufacture different types of welded wiremesh to suit different degree of security needs or even other products with the following criterias.

  Mesh Aperture

Line wire 50 - 350 mm

Cross wire 12.5 - 300 mm

  Wire Diameter 3-6 mm
  Panel Size

Length 6000 mm

Width 2400 mm ( max )

The panel size will depends on the  designed aperture

  Optional Wire Coating

Hot Dipped Galvanising BS 729

Additional polyester or powder coating is also available


c) Enhancements 

For higher security needs, electronic detection devices and surveillance equipments like CCTVs, motion detectors etc can be fitted or added on.